[amsat-bb] Re: Last AO51 pass 0110 z Unbelievable Ignorance

Dave Johnson kc9gha at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 16:41:04 PST 2007

Some people have the "me, me, me" attitude, so they feel they're entitled.
I don't mind hearing a SHORT QSO between ops.  I've kept this in mind when
I've worked the same station a few times, and have limited my comments to
them to a sentence or two, so that others get a chance to get in.

Worse yet, on many of the passes that I can hear/work, there is someone in
the footprint who just whistles, causing QRM on the already-crowded
satellite.  And then there's the op who does nothing more than say
"hello...hello...hello".  Lastly there are also the ops who apparently
aren't hearing the satellite and keep calling CQ, with stations answering
them to no avail.


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> How in the world is is even remotely possible that people hold a
> conversation on the bird knowing that there are 70 people ( probabally more
> like 170) using the bird for quick contacts? HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE.. I
> cant imagine the ignorace involved... I just cannot fathom it.
> -Steve Raas
> FN20vg
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