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Paul Luggar luggsey at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 27 01:39:55 PST 2007

Hi David, that was the price from the UK site including a small order charge.  It's a lot for $3 of transistors!

Paul Luggar



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    I finally found the transistors I need to fix my linear at digikey, trouble 
    is they want $43 shipping and handling for some $1 transistors!!!!!!
    Is there anyone on list that could add my requirements to their order?
    I'm looking for 3 NEC NE25118  which are shown in stock. They are the RX amp 
    transistor for my Microset 70cm linear RU432-95. The supplier won't help 
    with spares and Microset won't answer emails even though these things are 
    still for sale here in the UK!!
    Thanks to anybody that can help.

    Paul Luggar


  Hi Paul

  I recently ordered a whole set of stuff from digikey and paid $22 shipping, but that was for a huge box.  
  Was  that the US site?    They now have a UK based site selectable from a UK flag on their home page.  This will give different rates and lower post. - Worth a try.



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