[amsat-bb] Re: Ham radio in Films & TV ?

Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-655-8604 faunt at panix.com
Wed Jan 24 22:57:53 PST 2007

In May of 2006, the set for the TV version of Tony Hancock's sketch "The
Radio Ham" was on display at Gunnersby Park Museum, near London (Acton
Town tube).  I have a fuzzy photo of myself next to the display.  Check
with the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society for more information.

And in the movie of "Contact", Ellie is a ham; but in the book, the only
reference is a passing one to _The Radio Amateurs Handbook_.

I'm on my way home from VU7, so forgive the late information.

73, doug

we really need a DX satellite.

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