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Roger Kolakowski rogerkola at aol.com
Wed Jan 24 19:02:57 PST 2007

Eric discovered...

"...and apparently the ISS is not a satellite."

Hi Eric...

AMSAT has never considered ISS as a satellite and has always maintained the
SAREX Board and discouraged crossposting so that no-one gets confused and
thinks that it has satellite "status."

This has made for some interesting situations' including the release of
Suitsat-1 which was SAREX news until it was released and then it became
AMSAT-BB news. Another example is PCSAT-2, which never left ISS, and was not
considered a satellite.

Perhaps ARRL is just taking the lead of AMSAT in LoTW.

In reality, packet should have nothing to do with it and should be accepted
as a mode, perhaps titled "Digital" to cover many of the alternative modes
now available through software.

Seems silly and sounds like a turf war, but there it is...


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> If you read my posts a few weeks ago about the ACLog and LoTW not being
> satellite friendly and you wanted to know more, read on.
> I've been working with Kathy Allison, KA1RWY, who is the ARRL Contest
> Assistant & LoTW Specialist.  My biggest concern was that LoTW didn't
> support all the satellites.  One of my contacts can't be put into the
> system because my conversation with AJ, AJ3U, was via the ISS using
> packet and apparently the ISS is not a satellite.
> The response I received from the ARRL on this was "At this time LoTW
> won't accept ISS as satellite. From what I was told, you have to put
> phone or CW and it will accept it." which I got from Kathy.  That
> doesn't fly with me.  I have asked her to contact the sysadmin for LoTW
> and that if the admin needs any help with squaring away the satellite
> portion of the system to please contact me and I'll be happy to help get
> all the satellites straight in the system.  I'm still waiting to hear
> back from them.
> After LoTW is straight, I hope to work with the creators of ACLog to
> make that log more satellite friendly.
> Now, does anyone want to help me take an ACLog and turn it into a SQL
> file???
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