[amsat-bb] Satellites and the LoTW

Eric Christensen kf4otn at ericsatcom.net
Wed Jan 24 16:08:33 PST 2007

If you read my posts a few weeks ago about the ACLog and LoTW not being
satellite friendly and you wanted to know more, read on.

I've been working with Kathy Allison, KA1RWY, who is the ARRL Contest
Assistant & LoTW Specialist.  My biggest concern was that LoTW didn't
support all the satellites.  One of my contacts can't be put into the
system because my conversation with AJ, AJ3U, was via the ISS using
packet and apparently the ISS is not a satellite.

The response I received from the ARRL on this was "At this time LoTW
won't accept ISS as satellite. From what I was told, you have to put
phone or CW and it will accept it." which I got from Kathy.  That
doesn't fly with me.  I have asked her to contact the sysadmin for LoTW
and that if the admin needs any help with squaring away the satellite
portion of the system to please contact me and I'll be happy to help get
all the satellites straight in the system.  I'm still waiting to hear
back from them.

After LoTW is straight, I hope to work with the creators of ACLog to
make that log more satellite friendly.

Now, does anyone want to help me take an ACLog and turn it into a SQL

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