[amsat-bb] GO-32 Upload Troubles

Bruce Semple brucesemple at verizon.net
Sun Jan 21 18:37:00 PST 2007

Is there any available guidance / hints & tips / things to check  ...
about uploading files to GO-32.

I can seem to request files without any problem ..
I get the OK WA3SWJ and then the ...xxxx  file heard message --
and I do get files downloaded.

However I cannot seem to consistently upload files --
I get the as far as seeing


I even get a file number assigned ---

bet then after a few seconds I get a disconnect
with frames sent/received   1/1   Bytes sent/recvd 0/0  REJs 
sent/rcvd: 0/0   T1 timeouts: 0

I have been able to upload about 4 files -- but not with any consistency --
I have not been able to correlate it to high or low elevation passes 
-- does not seem to matter.

Is that expected behavior that you request an upload --
first your WISP software logs into the bird --
then the bird's BBS initiates a connection to your station?

Any ideas / suggestions would be appreciated.


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