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Kevin J. Smith wrote:

>The John Travolta Movie Phenomenon - Kevin
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>Hello again,
>I am looking for any references where ham radio is featured in popular
>particularly movies, and TV. For example there was a bit of it in the movie
>"Contact" based on Carl Sagan's book of the same name.
>Has anyone got an other references like this?
>Thank you.
There is movie created in 1956 by Christian Jaque, with the dialogs 
arranged by Henri Georges Clouzot.
The name of this famous picture is  "Si tous les gars du monde..."
The title could be translated  by "If all the Guys in the World..."
The whole sentance being : "Si tous les gars du monde voulaient se 
donner la main tout autour de la terre il formeraient une ronde".
I have no idea if it has been translated into english and distributed 
elsewhere than in France.
The story is about a chain of hamradio operators all over the world who 
succeed in relaying a distress message and then find a  medicine for a 
sailorman who is ill aboard a ship over the ocean.
If you do not find a source with Google, you probably could get the 
movie from a peer to peer video exchange site (...)

73 de Bernard, f6bvp

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