[amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT-NA totally metric?

Sil - ZL2CIA zl2cia at amsat.org
Sun Jan 21 04:27:53 PST 2007

>>What is the equivelent of Board Feet of Lumber? Threads per inch or mm OK,
>>but why this pitch stuff?
>>besides a pint is a pound of water! Is a litre of water a

Pint? Do you mean a US pint (16 US fluid ounces = 
  480 ml)or an Imperial pint (20 Imperial fluid 
ounces = little over 568 ml). Perhaps you meant an 
Australian pint (of beer) at 570 ml, or maybe an 
South Australian pint (again of beer) at a measly 
425 ml.


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