[amsat-bb] Re: AMSAT-NA totally metric?

Tony Langdon vk3jed at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 18:21:11 PST 2007

At 07:49 AM 1/21/2007, Edward R. Cole wrote:

>So for the lunar project NASA is saying if you are participating then it
>will be in metric (suppliers listen up)!  Good Move!

Excellent move, if you ask me! :)

>To bad the US Govt cannot get with it.  The way one converts (minds) is in
>the education of youth!  It will take two generations to accomplish.

Well, all but 3 countries in the world have done it on an official 
basis, according to Wikipedia.  It's a short term pain for longer 
term gains in  efficiency when dealing with the international 
community...  And it is a global economy nowadays, so it seems silly 
to have to work in two systems (one for US, one for the rest of the world).

73 de VK3JED

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