[amsat-bb] Re: AO-27 Schedule driver?

Andrew Glasbrenner glasbrenner at mindspring.com
Thu Jan 18 07:46:11 PST 2007

The _last_ time AO-27 was running under TOPR schedule, the satellite turned 
on on ascending passes at roughly 30 degrees N lattitude for 360 seconds. 
Should be similar this time.

73, Drew KO4MA

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> Regarding AO-27:
> Fantastic news about AO-27.  Gives us something to use at
> schools to demo AMSATS...
> I think I have read most of the pages, but I cannot find the one
> thing I am looking for, and that is the top-level "rules" that
> are driving the new scheduling.  I am not talking about code or
> epoc or anything like that, but simply, the human logical
> "rules" that tell the schedule, what to schedule...
> In the past, the TEPR algorithm was very simple and could be
> explained as "time since entering the sun".  This was easy to
> interpret and anyone could easily visualize or "see" what this
> meant realitive to his time of day, and location.  Nothing
> needed to be consulted...  Just look at the track of the
> satellite on the map and your relation to the terminator, and
> you know if it is useable..
> The TOPR schedule seems to be wholy "time" driven from EPOC, but
> I have not been able to find what the top-level "rules" are that
> drive that algorithm so that I can learn to visualize it. The
> new on-line "schedules" are teriffic, and a good example of
> computer dissimination of live info, but it requires detailed
> consultation of printed schedules daily and having to match
> times with orbits, I'd rather just understand what the scheduler
> "intended".
> Is this new schedule system still driven by the simple rule of
> "turning it on for X minutes after entering the sun"? Or is it a
> smarter rule that says "turn on over USA, Europe, Australia and
> Japan?" or, "turn on over those countries only while in the
> sun", or, turn on for 10 minutes out of every hour, or what?
> So, can someone point me to this top-level "rule" that is used
> to drive the schedule?  For routine operations, it is easier to
> learn the rule, than to have to look at a schedule every day...
> Thanks
> Bob, Wb4APR
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