[amsat-bb] Oh Joy!

Matt vk2dag at bigpond.com
Thu Jan 18 07:13:06 PST 2007

We now have have ANOTHER bunch of beeping boxes.  And I am glad to 
say AMSAT will give them a bunch of nice numbers to say that they are 
"ham satellites".  It's a good thing I kept that 2M FM rig, I can 
drive around and say to my kids " that's a satellite" as we drive to 
and from school.   I was looking at my log from my novice days.  I 
want from hearing my 1st bird (RS40) on FM, to SSB bird (RS-15) to 
HEO (AO-10) to mode S (AO-13) in 2 weeks.

Maybe it just me aye?


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