[amsat-bb] Sat on 437.380?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Jan 18 06:20:22 PST 2007

My receiver set for FCAL satellite on 437.380, also is hearing a
dead carrier with doppler a few times a day when FCAL is no
where around.  This sure sounds like a satellite to me.  But
then it could be alocal birdie that sweeps slowly through my
passband every day as temperatures oscillate.

I just heard it today at 1450z over Washington DC apparently
headed south?

Anyway, I wonder if anyone else has heard it.  I hear it every
day.  At first I just discounted it as terrestrial intermod, but
this open squelch was so strong today, I went over and swung the
beam and it definitely had a bearing and that bearing was
definitely different than the only other time I looked at it a
week ago...  Doppler and signal going down... And then it was
gone..  I'll try to remember to pay attention again in 90


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