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Greg D. ko6th_greg at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 15 14:03:21 PST 2007

HI Mike,

We have a cement tile roof, so the usual tripod mounting schemes (big wood 
bolt into the rafters) wouldn't work.  I built my own tripod from 2x4 
lumber.  The base is an upside down "T", with the tail attached to a vent 
pipe to keep the whole thing from sliding down the roof, and the two sides 
placed on small blocks with padding under them to to keep from crushing the 
tiles.  The long piece is 8', with a 4' tail.  Rising up from the center is 
another 4' piece, braced to the 3 sides.  I attached the steel mast pole to 
that, with the rotors on top.  The base of the rotors is about 6 or 7 feet 
off the roof, which is low enough that I can reach the wires, and high 
enough for the beams to clear the roof on vertical passes.  I mounted a 
gutted electrical box at the base of the mast to house some cable relays

Pictures at http://home.jps.net/~gregd/hamsite.htm.  The right-most picture 
on the 4th row shows the tripod.

Good luck with your project,

Greg  KO6TH

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From: Michael Wolthuis <wolthui3 at msu.edu>
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Subject: [amsat-bb]  Tripod and G-5500
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 20:32:04 -0500

I am trying to determine the best way to get a Tripod up on my roof with
a G-5500 for AZ/EL.  I would appreciate any info the board has on what
type of tripod works best and where I can get that.  Also, pictures
would be VERY helpful.  I am trying to decide to split the AZ/EL
functions or not, so any insite into how to best make this whole setup
work is appreciated.

I look forward the great pictures!


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