[amsat-bb] Re: SatPC32 Question

Sun Jan 14 13:19:15 PST 2007


A couple of areas to look at.  First, take a look at the CAT menu, and see
what your update frequency interval is.  I use 20 Hz for SSB.  That gives a
smooth tracking, and once netted, SATPC32 will track through a full pass.
It WILL update every few seconds, but the jump should be small enough that
it is just barely audible.  You can get by with a much larger step size, but
of course the jump will be more noticeable, but still usable.  

Are you using a USB serial port, or a "real" port?  There is nothing wrong
with a USB serial port per se, but some of them are rather flakey.  I had
one which required about 5 times the recommended CAT delay to work at all,
and would usually eventually cause the radio to lose tracking exactly as you
describe.  The was not a problem with SATPC32!!  Nothing else worked
reliably with that port either, so I finally gave up on it and went back to
a real serial port, since I had one to spare.


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