[amsat-bb] Re: How to pronounce "Pehuensat"?

W3NJ@aol.com W3NJ at aol.com
Sun Jan 14 09:30:39 PST 2007

Also, can someone confirm the spelling. I see references to Peheunsat and 
Pehuensat on the web. The AMSAT Argentina site shows the latter.

Has anyone from the "command group" confirmed that there have been signals 
heard? I saw one message that they heard signals shortly after lift-off.

One last "brainstrom :-)  :

I see ISS is in close proximity (haven't checked PCSAT-1, that would be even 
better to pick up the packet burst) to the satellite. Any chance of getting 
one of the astronauts to turn the radio to 145.825MHz? After all, they're not 
TOO busy, huh??  :-) . Seriously, they have a scheduled school contact on the 
16th, maybe we could get them to QSY for a few mintues, assuming the satellite 
is is within range, assuming antenna orientation on both ends is "good".

tnx es 73


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> Can someone describe how to pronounce the name of this latest Amsat gem?
> Thanks,
> Greg  

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