[amsat-bb] ideas

Nick Pugh quadpugh at bellsouth.net
Thu Jan 11 06:38:29 PST 2007

Hi Amsaters

The cubesat team at the University of Louisiana is in the process of defining its second mission for its cubsat project. The team has decided to fly a cubesat that has a educational component. We are asking for ideas that would excite K through 12 students that can be flown on a cube sat  i.e. 1 watt of dc power in a 4 inch cube. In addition to the education component the team is thinking of flying a high efficient radio per haps bpsk with a forward error corrected  code with Eb/No of < 3 db. Again here we are asking for input in the mission definition and help in the implementation including pier review.

Please put your vision in gear and help us.
nick K5qxj

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