[amsat-bb] Re: Crossbooms ... my questions

K8TB k8tb at bosscher.org
Wed Jan 10 17:20:36 PST 2007

    As a reasonably long time licensed ham (40 years), but very new to 
satellites, I would like to ask the brain trust whether CP antennas are 
really needed. I am ready to buy a set, but in poking around the net, I 
found this exchange by Mike , K6MYC, about not using CP antennas:

Look at http://www.qth.com/ka9fox/ant-nest.txt

Look towards the bottom, and Mike's replies are in caps.

I do not have the real estate for separate  144/432 antennas for  
terrestrial and sat. I have the az/el rotors.

So whats the thought on this? Should I just go with a pair of H-pol 
beams and leave well enough alone, or should I go with the CP antennas?

Tom Bosscher  K8TB

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