[amsat-bb] RAFT , ANDE and FCAL element sets

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 9 11:50:15 PST 2007

> You can find the new sats to include RAFT, ANDE, and the 
> shuttle when it's up under "New TLE" -

As of today, on the CELESTRACK.COM data base, ANDE, RAFT and
FCAL have all been moved to the AMATEUR.TXT file grouping.  With
PCSAT-1 in a similar orbit (for now), they are all on the same
frequency, 145.825 and they are all coming over during mostly
working hours starting at sunrise.  PCSAT-1 is strongest, ANDE
is significantly weaker.  Last is RAFT which needs a full size
array to hear it and then only at high elevations.

RAFT will speak any APRS messages addressed to TALK, if the
voice synthesizer is activated by anyone in the footprint by a
CONNECT REQUEST.  It will remain activated for 5 minutes.

All three satellites digipeat the usual APRS aliases of APRSAT
and ARISS.


Bob Bruninga, Wb4APR
Naval Academy Satellite Lab

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