[amsat-bb] Pehuensat-1 launch on Jan-10

Amsat Argentina info at amsat.org.ar
Mon Jan 8 10:55:35 PST 2007

Pehuensat-1, 2nd Argentine amateur satellite is planned to be launch by ISRO from India on January 10th at 4 AM GMT to a 635/640 Km polar sun synchronous orbit, inclination 97.92 degrees, aboard PSLV-C7 4 stage rocket. http://www.isro.org/pslv-c7/index.html

Pehuensat-1 will transmit voice messages in three languages, English, Hindi and Spanish and will be heard on 145.825 Mhz plus an AX25 1200 baud packet following the voice message. More information on http://www.amsat.org.ar?f=6

Pehuensat owns her name to native patagonian tree 'Pehuen'. Pehuensat-1 is developed by Argentina School of Engineering at University of Comahue, Argentina Asociation for Space and Technology and Amsat Argentina. Weighing 6 kg, is intended to gain experience for designing more complex missions for educational, technological and scientific fields. http://www.isro.org/pslv-c7/pg10.html

Keps and passes click globe & location on http://www.amsat.org.ar . 
Reports welcome at http://www.amsat.org.ar?f=z . 

73, LU7AA, Amsat Argentina
info at amsat.org.ar

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