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George Henry ka3hsw at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 7 21:04:14 PST 2007

The FOD-Track PC board is available from FAR Circuits ( 
www.farcircuits.net ), and will cost about $30 in parts to build.  Mark 
Spencer from the ARRL also recently put together the Sat688, a PIC-based 
controller which was featured in the AMSAT Journal, available in limited 
quantities.  A nice feature was that it could be built for RS-232, USB, or 
both.  You might try dropping him a line at mspencer at arrl.org to see if any 
are still available.  FOD-Track is directly supported by SatPC32, Ham Radio 
Deluxe, Nova, and most other tracking programs.  The Sat688 is supported in 
Nova by the EasyComm 1 setting, and in SatPC32 as a SAEBRTrack Box.  It will 
probably work with other programs that offer one of those choices.

I have used the FOD-Track for a couple of years now and am very happy with 
it.  I also picked up one of the Sat688 boards and am just finishing 
assembly of it.  (I'm still holding onto my club's KCT... they don't want to 
let it go yet)

Lastly, there are also the LVB-Tracker from Howard Long, G6LVB www.g6lvb.com 
and the W0LMD Tracker www.ultimatecharger.com , although I don't really know 
much about them.

George, KA3HSW

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>     Good day and happy New Year to all! I was just wondering what options
> are available to connect an az-el rotor controller to the PC. The Kansas
> City Tracker isn't in production, as well as the Trackbox, except on the
> used market. What else can we use?    73's... Larry N1MIW

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