[amsat-bb] Re: atf 54143 phemt (was MGF1402 source or substitute)

Joe Fitzgerald jfitzgerald at alum.wpi.edu
Thu Jan 4 07:23:54 PST 2007

K & R Yoksh wrote:

> I was reading about the ATF 54143 PHEMT device ...   but I could not find a single
> outlet in the USA to buy one!

I bouught mine from Digi-Key some months ago ... now to find time to 
build the thing!

Look up Digi-key part number 516-1572-1-ND.   They show 1204 in stock at 
$4.23 each.  They won't laugh if you buy only one (but I bet they will 
smile if you buy all 1204!)

-Joe KM1P

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