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Hello Francesco
Reading the articles, I see that the author of the original article in The  
Netherlands and OZ1PIF have both produced PCBs for the design.  It may be  
worth an e-mail to them both to find out the current situation. - But I get the  
impression they are now out of stock
If they have sold out, then you may be able to take the PCB for my 70 and  
23CM version and adapt it for their 2m design.  A quick look suggests that  the 
biasing is similar although the input circuit is different.  I did try  a 2m 
version about a year ago, but the foil trimmers I used  caused  instability. A 
decent piston type trimmer as used by OZ1PIF would be a much  better choice. 
The 0.8mm FR4 board design and details of the G0MRF 70cm amp  can be found at:
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Hello  David & group

On Tue, 2 Jan 2007 G0MRF at aol.com  wrote:

> Hi Tyler.
> The MGF1402  is an expensive option these days.
> You may want to have  a look at this 2m design which will give you 0.3 to  
> 0.4dB noise  figure.
>  _http://www.frenning.dk/OZ1PIF_HOMEPAGE/144_and_432MHz-LNA.htm_ 
>  (http://www.frenning.dk/OZ1PIF_HOMEPAGE/144_and_432MHz-LNA.htm)  

very interesting! Do you know if someone is still selling the pcb  for it?

73 es hny

Francesco IS0FKQ

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