[amsat-bb] FO-29 -- Lets see what happens !

Steve Raas sraas at optonline.net
Mon Apr 30 11:48:38 PDT 2007

Im not sure if any one has had an intermittent reception of FO-29's Dnlnk
other than myself, I plan on trying to see if I can hear the transponder
again this afternoon as I have a really high pass from 19:14z to 19:34 z
with max el of 71 deg.  As per my SatPc32 its either orbit # 52848 or 54849
I will be sending dashes at 40 watts until it reaches about 10 deg ele, then
ill go to 2 watt mode. I will try and keep the Downlink freq near 435.850.
Unfortunatally I have no way of recording properly.


Listen in from 19:14z - 19:34 again.. if I do hear my Downlink.. and its not
on 435.850 I will qsy my uplink to get on frequency.



Steve Raas



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