[amsat-bb] online translation page for JARL FO-29 web pages

DeYoung James deyoung_james at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 30 04:10:22 PDT 2007


The following tool seems to do a decent job at
translation of the JARL FO-29 "news" page to English.


My interpretation is the JARL FO-29 group wants any
captured telemetry from just before the failure to
help them figure out what is wrong.  Also, they are
looking for any reception reports since it has gone
"off-the-air" to assist them in determining if the TX
power is just extremely low (remember Suitsat-1!) or
really off.

Please, if you have any verified information that will
help them recover FO-29 send it to them.

73, KG4QWC

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