[amsat-bb] fo-29 news at JARL site

nader omer st2nh at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 21:53:24 PDT 2007

  this what i got from http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr
          Babel Fish Translation     Help
          In English:      | the analog repeater of amateur satellite "‚Ó ‚¶ 3" stop (directing to investigation and restoration of cause, we request the offer of information) The amateur satellite "‚Ó ‚¶ of JARL 3" (FO-29 and 8J1JCS) used regular analog system continually, but it was verified that, the analog type repeater of the expectation which is operating on 2007 April 21st has stopped. Presently, at control bureau directing to the investigation of cause, collecting information, before the repeater stops, you analyze telemetry, it directs in future restoration and plans command plan, but the following information regarding "‚Ó ‚¶ 3" the one which is having offers information in the JARL technical section prayer. In addition reference such as after after 2007 April 20th 16:00 (JST) the CW telemetry data 2007 April 20th 16:00 (JST) becomes, repeater operational circumstance (CW telemetry even in stop as for repeater also times when it is operational there are if) signal
 strength and reception circumstance there is a phenomenon which send please. Directing to the restoration "of ‚Ó ‚¶, 3" we request the cooperation of everyone. < Ahead information sending > Lab (at mark) jarl.or.jp & the above-mentioned address, for ƒXƒpƒ€ƒ[ƒ‹ prevention "@" (at mark) with are declared. (April 23rd

  >Hi to the group.  Rather than speculate on the status of FO-29, perhapomeone with some >Japanese/English ability could monitor the Japanese 
>of the JARL site,
>as the English pages are not in sync with the Japanese.
>Specifically this page that may be FO-29 related as it has a FO-29 
>and is dated 23 Apr 07
>I have not been successful installing the Japanese language pack into 
>Even then, I don't know if a cut and paste into Babelfish
>http://babelfish.altavista.com/  would give us anything understandable.
>73, Alan VE4YZ
  73 de 
  st2nh - hz1nh

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