[amsat-bb] A Tale for 2 years old childrens

Luc Leblanc lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Sun Apr 29 01:09:43 PDT 2007

It is OT and if you dislike OT post don't read this.

As we just lost another transponder satellite FO-29 we will have soon to change 
the nature of this BB as there will be any voice satellite available! I know 
digital cubes will be all around but it is not my prefer soup.
In the mean time here is a little tale for a 2 years old child..

The mouse trap 

A mouse observed through the slit of a wall the farmer and his wife to open a 
parcel: Which would be thus food that this parcel hid? wondered the mouse and 
which was not its shock only to discover that it was a mouse trap. He rush to 
the barn to proclaim this severe warning: There is a mouse trap in the house 
there is a mouse trap in the house! The chicken speak first and scraped his 
back and raising his neck he answered: "Mr Mouse, I understands that it is a 
problem for you but that does not have any consequence for 
me that does not disturb me" the Mouse turned to the pig and tells him: There 
is a mouse trap in the house there is a mouse trap in the house The pig showed 
sympathetic he answered: " I am very sorry Mr mouse, but I can do nothing to 
help you, but you can count on my prayers "the Mouse turned then to the cow and 
he shout his cry of alarm to him: There is a mouse trap in the house there is a 
mouse trap in the house! And the cow to answer "Eh well! Mr mouse, I am in 
pained for you, but that does not make me a fold on the belly!" So Mr Mouse 
turned over from there to the house, the head low and discouraged from having 
to face the mouse trap of the farmer.

In the night which followed, a strange noise was heard in the house, a noise 
which resembled that of a mouse trap which had seized its prey. The woman of 
the farmer precipitated to see what had been caught but in blackness, she did 
not see that the tail of a venenous snake had been grabbed by the trap. Thrown 
into a panic, the snake bit the woman of the farmer who immediately go at the 
hospital, but alas, she returned to the house with a strong fever. Everyone 
knows well that it is necessary to look after a strong fever with a chicken 
soup and the farmer thus take his machete to bring the principal ingredient for 
the soup. But the disease of the woman of the farmer worsened to a point where 
all the friends and the neighbours took care of her 24 hours a day at her 
bedside and to feed her, the farmer had to make butchery with the pig. But the 
woman of the farmer did not take best and it ends up dying. Many peoples 
came to her funeral and the farmer had to kill the cow to have enough  meat for 
all. Mr Mouse was watching all of this and from the slit of the wall he feel a 
great sadness. Thus, the next time that you will intend to say that one of your 
knowledge is struggling with a problem which does not concern you, remember 
that when one of ours is threatened, we all are in danger. We all are implied 
in this voyage that the life is called. Let us have the eye open on our close 
relations and make an effort to encourage itself mutually.  Remember that each 
one of us constitutes an important wire in the fabric of another person but our 
lives are woven in the fabric of the others. One of the best values to be 
retained in the life is a friend and a friend can at time give some advices not 
always pleasant to hear...

Written in the scope of Georges Tenet book. He quotes in his book an extract of 
this document which explains the potential risks of an American offensive in 
Irak to the president many months before the invasion of Irak. Thus, it is 
known as that this one could generate a wave of world terrorism aiming at the 
American interests, supplied with an increasing Islamic antipathy with regard 
to the United States,  to cause an instability threatening the modes of Arab 
States key and  to create important disturbances of the oil supply as well as 
serious tensions in Atlantic Alliance (NATO).

I know i feel a bit concerned by our south friend moves but i'm afraid by any 
collateral damages to a point where i hope to be able to enjoy satellite 
operation more than watching over my shoulder.

I could be listening too much stuff coming from the middle east and probably 
getting my south friend paranoia but i still think news media keep the boiling 
hot water pan cover close on this and on purpose...

Again a bit OT!  but just to let you know it is not all the BB readers who feel 
concern by satellite and technical stuff. Some are casual watchers with other 
interest... (eg: my last post with a Croatian reference)

I was not reluctant to disclose some personal e-mails i received but i received 
this one on quite regular basis. Always on a different subject if i can say 
there was a subject???

Again i'm not commenting on the text... but just to let you know a bit of what 
i got time to time!

Dear Luc Leblanc Ve2dwe !

Subject: Amateur Radio Emergency Service

My school teacher of the 1960th Jütta Böttcher at the
Schule Iserbarg in Hamburg Germany is one of the many
women who want to meet Christ through the Big Brother
wave predicted in the book with the title "1984".

My property insurer should not facilitate the idea,that
radio amateurs' property is available in one way or another.

Women in need of Christ (Big Brother) have the Internet,
and Messenger services as Praize to meet their Christ.

Their Internet Christ naturaly will have to go to the Father,
but I am certain they don't need radio amateurs' property
for that typical sacrament.

Identity confidential and call sign too

Curious world!!! Is it a charade? hidden code message? simply put in polite 
words "trouble mind essay"? spam mail? I don't have any clues but it is 
originating from a valid internet address!!!

Your comments are welcome

"It is not the class of license the amateur holds, but the class of the amateur 
that holds the license."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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