[amsat-bb] No signal from FO-29

Mika Siira oh8mbn at suomi24.fi
Sat Apr 28 05:48:28 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I just monitored orbit #52819, nothing heard in KP24SX. It is sad if 
we have lost FO-29 forever, I have had many nice QSO's with my balcony 
antenna setup during past 1,5 years. People are now moving to use other 
sats and it is really noticeable. During european passes AO-51 is just 
a big chaos and on VO-52 it is much more difficult to make QSO's 
because of some alligators.
I am planning to make some kind of satellite station to my mother's 
house in KP25 during this summer and try to make my first transatlantic 
contact. I keep my thumbs up that AO-7 stays alive for this attempt! :)

Mika, OH8MBN

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