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Harmen, VE3EMA harm at nexicom.net
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A satgate station needs to have the ability to upload and download to the
designated PacSat at least once a day. Special software written and
distributed by the Satgate coordinator Andrew Sellers, G8TZJ is required
that automates WiSP and FBB to move mail between the Satellite and the
terrestrial Packet network.

Unfortunately, without a network of Satgate operators located strategically
world wide to forward mail internationally, it is impossible to provide a
reliable service.

Lack of mail to upload and download or traffic has been the number one
reason why the number of Satgate operators dwindled from 35 to 4.  Many
operators couldn't justify keeping their equipment operational with such
little traffic. I personally feel as an ARES member that maintaining a
reliable RF network is more important then monitoring how many messages I
forwarded each day.  

Now that Satellites can no longer be used reliably to move digital data
internationally, it would appear that HF Pactor is now our next best
alternative when the Internet is not an option.

73 Harmen, VE3EMA


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What would be needed to put a satgate together and have it linked into the
terrestrial network?

I am currently working on getting JNOS 2.0 running on Ubuntu. I know that at
time that Satgates and the packet bbs' were popular, most of the bbs systems
were running either FBBS or Mysys (correct?) under dos and windows3.0/3.1.

THe packet network here in Michigan is starting to be redeveloped again and
taking shape very well so far.

James W8ISS
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