[amsat-bb] Re: SatGates & PacSats

Harmen, VE3EMA harm at nexicom.net
Fri Apr 27 14:29:46 PDT 2007

Mail store and forward BBS PacSats are still around.
Go-32 (currently undergoing software upgrades) and AO-51 (depending on the
schedule) still offer this service.

It is only the Satgate service itself that has ceased operation due to lack
of world wide network of satellite operators who could upload and download
Packet mail and forward terrestrially.

73 Harmen VE3EMA

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"I had my station setup to operate automagically for the digital PacSats.
Many times I would be out in the yard mowing the lawn and suddenly see my
yagis start tracking something. Later, I'd go down in the shack and browse
all the directory fills that had been downloaded on the previous pass. 

If I happened to be in the shack at pass time it never ceased to give me a
kick to watch my callsign appear in the queue!

Sure wish that kind of operation wasn't just a memory anymore..."

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