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Amir K9CHP sarlabs at twcny.rr.com
Thu Apr 26 15:12:44 PDT 2007

Really I think that most hams should be capable enough to program their spam
or mail program to direct garbage into the trash. After the first time I
read an annoying post from an individual, I set them so I never have to look
at their posts. So I must admit to ignorance in the latter performances of
such an individual but had everybody acted upon his verbiage individually on
their computer, he would indeed be talking to the virtual walls of the
internet and not even a lonely echo would be present to respond.

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> People-
>  One more time----
> Most Hams know the way to deal with someone who is interrupting a repeater
> with continuous garbage is TO IGNORE him or her.  Pretty soon they get
> bored and leave.
> Why is it so difficult for so many people on this bb to understand
> Monsieur Leblanc is playing with you?  He apparently loves the attention
> and isn't reluctant to make some of the inflammatory statements he has
> posted recently and in the past.
> he will tire of his game.  If you are so irritated with is remarks you
> feel you must respond take a moment and consider the source!
> [My apologies in advance for the rant and adding to the noise but enough
> is enough.]
> Bryant, W2RGG/6
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