[amsat-bb] Re: Any interested in a MODERATED AMSAT-BB?

Gary Memory 550253528326-0001 at t-online.de
Thu Apr 26 13:28:06 PDT 2007

Here Here!  As it is now, I read maybe 50 percent of what crosses the
Amsat-BB inbox.  I know I've missed a few good tidbits here and there, but
two factors play in what I do read.  The time I have available to read it
and second, names that over time I've noted they usually don't add much to
the technical side of this hobby (heck...I am on that same lacking list).
No matter how you slice it, moderation is equal to at least some sort of
censorship.  For good or for bad.  A well ran, moderated list is a private
thing and it could be a very good thing indeed.  Unfortunately, I see this
particular list remaining as it is, junke or not.

Gary Memory, N7BRJ

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It should not be hard to set up yet another moderated AMSAT group on Yahoo,
though I doubt the movers and shakers will be there.  My suggestion is just
set up some filtering on messages, since posters normally include their call
and/or name, and responders usually include the original posting.  As to how
effective this is, I had to look in my TWIT folder to see what all the fuss
was about.  In my case, it only takes two filtered calls to "moderate"
AMSAT-BB to my satisfaction.  

"Don't read, don't reply" is an effective motto.  Having accidentally
tripped over some topic filters in the past, I don't think we need to add
more restrictions here.  My 2¢ worth.


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