[amsat-bb] Re: Monsieur Leblanc

Robert Coppock robertinorbit at webtv.net
Thu Apr 26 13:05:45 PDT 2007

 ,,,,  ,,
     why go through all the trouble of a moderated BB ?    i agree Luc goes too far sometimes, and should send replies direct to the poster, not the whole BB.  yet, most of his posts are valuable and intelligent.  he is a great sat operator from what i see.  i do not want to lose his value to this group, nor do i want to see him shunted to ground.  if you knew the /real/ story of Jack G/kg6iro the jammer, you would understand.  people are people, and sometimes others are just as much as fault (the 435 idiots in LA) for driving a behavior.  lack of communication is the reason for most misunderstandings.

a great man named King once said:
  we must live together as brothers (and sisters) or perish together as fools.

i apologize for more off topic QRM, i just like to try and see things from a bird's eye view.

peace, 73, lets think about Eagle, etc. and quit this foolishness.

  kf0g  cm97

thank you all for the inspiration and leadership.

  "-"   etc,,,,,    ok, Luc ?

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