[amsat-bb] Re: Any interested in a MODERATED AMSAT-BB?

Gary Memory 550253528326-0001 at t-online.de
Thu Apr 26 12:41:00 PDT 2007

One factor with a moderated list is the additional time delay when you post
a message.  This may or may not be a problem at any one time.  For example,
sending a quick note to say some rare station is on the air or that AO-1
just came back on the air or whatever.  LEO stuff is time sensitive.  Of
course, this is a very rare thing and likely not a big problem.

Moderation is always subjective.  What if I post a note about NASA or about
NARO, but it is in some distant far away theory that it is somewhat,
somehow, sorta related to Ham Radio or even perhaps satellites?  Does that
get tossed too?  Where is the line?  And with this moderator today is this
or that topic okay when tomorrow another moderator says NO WAY?  What if I
send a message that is highly inflammatory but has everything in the World
to do with amateur satellites?

Alas, with all the putrid junk on this list from time to time...a moderated
list doesn't sound like a bad idea.  I'm torn.

Gary Memory, N7BRJ


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Hello fellow AMSAT-BBers-

I am a firm believer in Human rights and free speech, but I also do
not appreciate the politically oriented, off-topic posts that occur
frequently on this list.  I get enough junk email!

As an attempt to keep down the noise, I propose a moderated list.
This list will contain FACTUAL information and discussions related to
Amateur radio satellites.  Posts based on personal political and
religious opinions will not be permitted.  ALL are welcome to join the
list with the agreement that their posts will be subject to
moderation.  It is even possible that the moderated list can subscribe
to the AMSAT-BB list (with the caveat that the AMSAT-BB messages will
be moderated before showing up on the new list).

If there is enough interest, we can organize this option, and select a
GROUP of moderators.  Please drop me a note on your opinion of this

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