[amsat-bb] FO-29 back again ?!?

SV1BSX sv1bsx at yahoo.gr
Thu Apr 26 07:39:07 PDT 2007

 Hi all,
don't "shoot" me if I'm wrong, but I think FO-29
is back!

 Today 26 April 2006 between 14:10-14:16 UTC
(#52.792 orbit) I HEARD (!!!) a continue carrier in
FO-29's beacon frequancy !

 I was starting to monitor the frequency with a delay,
I forgot this time the pass of Satellite (every day I
monitored it.)

 Well, the Sat was over Libya (N.Africa), close to me
with 32 Degr. Elevation, in very good range for me. 

Looking for any activity I tuned my receiver to Beacon
frequancy and... what a surprise! 

I received a strong carrier arround 435.799.
 The carrier was following the usual doppler-shift, so
after 6 mins dropped-down to 435.788 MHz !! That
is very normal and confirmed to me the Satellite

 At this point my QTH has no clear horizon (340 degr.)
even if the Satellite was high enough, at 24 degr.
Elev. So after 1 min I lost the signal completely.

 Please keep monitoring the FO-29 and send your
reports.  May be FO-29 is back again !

73, Mak SV1BSX

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