[amsat-bb] Re: Government control has exceeded ...not really.

THOMAS F DAVIS tfdavis at snet.net
Wed Apr 25 14:47:09 PDT 2007

In retrospect this may be correct.  I had originally thought not, because the contractor's report predated the ASAT test.  Perhaps the test caused the Air Force to dust off the report, now that they are straining to see every bit of debris up there.
  This raises an interesting possibility.  The resolution of a 70cm radar is rather limited for tracking the smaller but still dangerous debris.  The Air Force might propose a new higher frequency radar for this job.  Will they?  If they do, would we support their request in Congress?

Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:
  > Okay, but that doesn't answer the question on everyone's 
> mind... "Why now?"

My guess would be because of the Chinese Anti-satellite attack
that generated hundreds of big chunks and an thousands of tiny
bits of debris a month or so ago.. Now they are watching very
carefully and to see small stuff, you need to closer into the
noise and not have any interference... And when you look closer
and see ham signals, then maybe that is why they are now


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