[amsat-bb] Alligators or with poor knowledge (SSB transponders)

Fernandez Montaña, Juan Antonio jafernandez at iberdrola.es
Wed Apr 25 08:45:30 PDT 2007

Speaking through the sats all of us know who puts the best signals because all of us know which is our own signal.  The problem is that the alligators usually do not know that they are, so they can not correct its behviour.

Some months ago I asked to one of the best signals about their antennas and power out, and of course they were a long crossed yagui and more than 100 watts, when I told him that with less power would be enough to get the same outcome, he answerd that the power out and antennas are not the important thing because the AGC of the satellite will reduce the power in the downlink.

Nowadays are there people who think that it is true ??????.  Then if there are 10 alligators all of then will put the best signals, no!, all of them will put poor signals in the downlink because the power out is limited.

In the same way, the weak signals will be penalized even with only one alligator.  

If all of us would unplink with enough power to make the contact (not to show off our impresive modulation), the week signals will emerge from the noise and to work this stations will be easier.

If our signal is the best in the trasponder we must look at ourself in the mirror, perhaps we could see a big mouth and little ears.

All of us have been alligators on some occasions or LEILA never pointed to us in the AO40.

Juan Antonio

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