[amsat-bb] Re Power Levels Into Satellites

Mike Hooles Mikehooles at BTInternet.com
Wed Apr 25 06:42:42 PDT 2007

What would be useful for people coming into the satellite world would be a 
series of maximum recommended power levels for each of the satellites listed 
on the AMSAT Website,
e.g. SO50,
      Antenna - Eggbeater  - 50 watts up to 30 degrees, 10 watts above.
                      1/4 wave ground plane - 50 watts
                      3 ele. beam
                      10 ele beam
                      12 ele beam
Also, listing modes.
At the moment, many make the excuse they do not have the time, information, 
nor skills to calculate the levles. They're usually the ones that are 'deaf 
as a post' on the downlink as well
Then any alligators could be steered to the relevant list.

Best Regards
Mike G3LGR

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