[amsat-bb] CFR 47 Part 97.213 (was Government Control....)

Joe Leikhim rhyolite at nettally.com
Tue Apr 24 20:01:51 PDT 2007

For those who forgot or just don't know..... I was surprised to look at 
the map and see how much of Florida is included in the resriction. 
Repeater owners, are you sure your transmitter is only set to 50 watts? 
I was surprised the Florida Repeater Council webpage didn't seem to 
mention this. Perhaps I missed it.

(f) No station may transmit with a transmitter power exceeding 50 W PEP 
on the UHF 70 cm band from an area specified in footnote US7 to §2.106 
of the FCC Rules, unless expressly authorized by the FCC after mutual 
agreement, on a case-by-case basis, between the District Director of the 
applicable field facility and the military area frequency coordinator at 
the applicable military base. An Earth station or telecommand station, 
however, may transmit on the 435-438 MHz segment with a maximum of 611 W 
effective radiated power (1 kW equivalent isotropically radiated power) 
without the authorization otherwise required. The transmitting antenna 
elevation angle between the lower half-power (-3 dB relative to the peak 
or antenna bore sight) point and the horizon must always be greater than 

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