[amsat-bb] Re: Government control has exceeded constitutionallimitations.

jmfranke jmfranke at cox.net
Tue Apr 24 13:52:06 PDT 2007

I for one am happy the government allows us to be a guest on this band and I 
always strive to be a courteous guest.  I do not want to impose costs and 
limitations to their system(s).  The government has clearly stated what they 
consider to be acceptable behavior, which is not onerous.  Surely the 
amateur community can operate effectively with these restrictions.

Nor do I want to be kicked out because of rude behavior from others.  I am 
glad the ARRL is trying to present a good face for the amateur radio 
community.  In the past, the government has provided us with free launches, 
still provides orbital elements, and has protected this band from commercial 
incursions.  I want friendly relations to be maintained and do not like the 
in your face attitude of many amateur radio operators.

The government has more systems in this band.  As a former radar operator on 
US Navy E-2 Hawkeye aircraft, I often saw amateur transmissions, including 
ATV, on the radar which operates in the 70cm band.  In most cases, I merely 
changed channels up or down in frequency to avoid any mutual interference. 
The Navy also has shipboard radars in this band, SPS-40, etc.

The PAVE PAWS serves many task masters including the tracking of satellites 
and spacecraft.

While the PAVE PAWS radars are capable of narrow beam widths, they are still 
susceptible to interference from signals entering the antenna sidelobes. 
Any reduction in sensitivity or function is a cost to us all.

John  WA4WDL 

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