[amsat-bb] CAPE-1 Status

Jonathan Wagner jonathan at jonathanwagner.net
Tue Apr 24 12:04:52 PDT 2007

Well, it looks like CAPE-1 has went back to sleep.  During safe modes it 
may only transmit CW once every 10 minutes, however for the first 25 
boot cycles it will wait 15 minutes before starting to transmit.  So, 
we'll see what happens.  If anyone available during CAPE's passes that 
can listen for the CW beacon on SSB at 435.245 MHz +/- doppler, please 
do so and report any telemetry available either here on the amsat-bb 
list or directly to me at jonathan at jonathanwagner.net

We don't currently have enough data to determine what is causing the sat 
to behave like this, but we think it may be battery related.  We just 
don't have enough data.  We especially need data from non-US passes.  
Our data from Mike, DK3WN, DTUsat team and all the others in Europe, 
Japan and New Zealand has been invaluable.

You can also send any recorded audio files to the 
jonathan at jonathanwagner.net

Thanks and 73 to the group

Jonathan Wagner

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