[amsat-bb] Re: Government control has exceededconstitutionallimitations.

Roger Kolakowski rogerkola at aol.com
Tue Apr 24 10:14:57 PDT 2007

Speaking of TV wasteland, as all TV stations have to transition to digital
in 2009, the initial figures look like they are abandoning Ch 2 thru Ch 6
opening up the VHF lowband (under 88mHz) for whatever. 4 meter satellite or
hambands anyone?


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> > We need to start forcing a return to total civilian
> > control of this bloated government we are now dealing
> > with, and ensure it operates as 'we' direct it, and
> Sometimes its the 'we' that we worry about...
> > I say shut down those two 'radar' sites and move on,
> > history has shown that the closure of others has not
> > affected this nation whatsoever,
> Oh, I donno, it protected us from Nukes from Russia for quite a
> while...
> > ...they are no longer neccessary as there
> > are very few nations with the capacity...
> > to even launch long range ballisitic missiles
> China just shot one of theirs down last month.  And created
> 10,000 bits of shrapnel that endangers all of our satellites.
> Every onve of those 10,000 bits has to be tracked along with our
> HAM satellites to keep things clean up there in orbit...
> As one of the 'we', I don't my taxes to pay for a new-re-build
> of a several hundred million dollar facility, that has been in
> place and working fine for a very long time.
> > We have every right to have access to spectrum WE own,
> No, we have access to it on a secondary shared basis.  We should
> be thankful for that and work with them to minimize our
> interference to them.
> > The military doesn't need the entire radio spectrum to
> > work with, give it only what it needs and that's
> They actually have very little.  The biggest waste of spectrum
> is TV.  What a wasteland.
> I think patience and working it out is the best way to resolve
> spectrum issues, not shooting from the hip with all barrels
> blazing...
> Bob
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