[amsat-bb] Government control has exceeded constitutional limitations.

Ernest Erickson aec9823 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 24 09:56:50 PDT 2007

Dear members:

As we all know, the government has taken over just
about every facet of our life, and the military is
lock-step with that effort.

We need to start forcing a return to total civilian
control of this bloated government we are now dealing
with, and ensure it operates as 'we' direct it, and
not at the whim of a single man (bush).

If the government can move in and wipe us off the
planet, where does the will of the people fit in here?

We own everything the government has, as WE put the
government into operation, we darn sure can regain
control and demand things change to serve the will of
the people far more and far better than it has been
doing over these past 20 years.

It's high time the government adhere to the will of
the people and address OUR concerns first and
foremost, and stop usurping power at every turn, as it
has been doing solidly since Bush was 'elected'.

>From power grabbing to taking away that which it has
no right or legal authority to do so, but does
regardless because we the sheeple have allowed this
gluttonous form of government to take far more than it
gives, which directly violates the enumerated powers
we originally gave it.

Now the military is playing dictator as well?

Since when did that branch of civilian control become
an arm of the executive or legislative branch?

I say shut down those two 'radar' sites and move on,
history has shown that the closure of others has not
affected this nation whatsoever, and the last
remaining pair can't prove a 'need' remains it'ssimply
grabbing for more control of our constitutionaly
protected powers as a people.

It appears that outright disobedience and willful
disregard may be required, then forcing the shut down
of the last two operational sites as they are
onviously not 'strategic' in nature or scope, and that
prior shutdowns and closures proves beyond a shadow of
a doubt, that they are no longer neccessary as there
are very few nations with the capacity or capability
to even launch long range ballisitic missiles toward
our shores.

This is nothing more than sabre rattling to attract
attention, and playing the doomsday scare bush so
loves to perpetrate upon us as well, given his history
for lies and deceipt.

With all our money at the government's disposal, you
would think that their brilliant minds should be able
to think their way through this so-called interference
and find a sutiable solution to a simple problem, such
as side lobe rejection, additional band pass filtering
or whatever is required to minimize or eliminate this
'interference' althogether.


Or maybe even down....to the 300 Mhz. band.

Oh wait, that's where the MILITARY operates, we cna't
have them move, so shove the hams off instead...NOT!

We have every right to have access to spectrum WE own,
it's ours in THIS nation, and WE must demand access to
it just as much as any branch of government.

I know, most U.S hams prefer the wait and see
approach, but this is getting ridiculous!

Every time the military or government agency hiccups,
the hams lose a slice of spectrum, same goes for big
business(remember 220?).

Last I read the declaration of independence, it was
'WE THE PEOPLE' and not I the government that ran this

A good house cleaning is needed, from the top on down.

Stop allowing the military to dictate policies, it's
not legal or allowable, especially in light of the
current situation.

Also, when was the last time the government actually
worked for US?

The military doesn't need the entire radio spectrum to
work with, give it only what it needs and that's

Ernest A. Erickson, KA9UCE
Applied Electronic Communications, AEC
10711 East Verbina Lane
Florence, AZ. 85232
aec9823 at yahoo.com

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