[amsat-bb] ANSAT-NA VS MILITARY cooperation

Luc Leblanc lucleblanc6 at videotron.ca
Tue Apr 24 06:25:22 PDT 2007

Just to remind you as i already wrote...in the past any military VS AMSAT'S	
should be strongly condemned and even more by AMSAT-NA BOD.

Theses "cadets" are no learning to play chess and this " along with its primary 
science mission" take all his sense in the scope of the excerpt below!

As memory tends to forget in time it helps to remind those with a selective 

On 11 Feb 2007 at 23:33, Andrew Glasbrenner wrote:

> There are several new pieces of software that need to be uploaded and tested 
> this week on AO-51. Additionally the S band transmitter will be on for an as 
> of yet undetermined number of daylight passes over the Air Force Academy 
> ground station in Colorado Springs, Colorado. These passes will be used for 
> the ground station checkout on S band prior to the launch of Falconsat-3 
> satellite, now scheduled in late February.  FS-3 carries an amateur payload 
> along with its primary science mission.



30. The availability of tracking data by amateur satellite observers from all 
over the world, who post their findings on the Internet, facilitates the 
tracking and identifying of satellites in low orbit. The increased 
sophistication of technologies such as radar, optical telescopes and passive 
radio frequency receivers makes it easier to track satellites in LEO.

d.Micro-satellites (of less than 100 kg) and nano-satellites (of less than ten 
kg) that use lightweight composite materials and high-speed computer chips. 
These kinds of satellites could be used as secondary payloads of a primary 
space vehicle to covertly encounter space assets and disrupt or destroy them. 

37. As Donald Rumsfeld became Defense Secretary in the newly elected Bush 
administration, the DOD started to implement some of the report's 
recommendations. In May 2001, the Defense Secretary declared, "There is no 
question that the use of land and sea and air and space are all things that 
need to be considered if one is looking at the best way to provide the kind of 
security from ballistic missiles that is desirable for the United States and 
for our friends and Allies." In July 2001, General Michael Ryan, the US Air 
Force chief of staff, endorsed the deployment of space-based weapons to protect 
US assets in space. He also predicted that by 2020 the United States will be 
able to shoot down other countries' orbiting spacecraft.

38. In October 2002, the US Space Command was merged with the US Strategic 
Command into an organisation that now controls all U.S. nuclear and space 
forces. "The missions of SpaceCom and StratCom have evolved to the point where 
merging the two into a single entity will eliminate redundancies in the command 
structure and streamline the decision-making process", Donald Rumsfeld said at 
the time. One of the largest components of the new StratCom - with 40,000 
airmen and civilians - is Air Force Space Command, headquartered at Peterson 
Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Space Command's Strategic 
Master Plan calls for the United States, by 2025, to be able to strike any 
target in the world from space within minutes, to protect US systems in space 
from hostile forces, and to deny space access to potential enemies.

"Potential enemies" As far as we are the US will soon consider the rest of the 
world as "potential enemies" I was taking my lunch last week in the Philipsburg 
area near the border and i have a nice conversation with a US national guard 
pilot based in Vermont who told me very interesting comment about the "mood" in 
the forces who is just the same it was in the Vietnam era...

He told me he was sick and disgusted to always have to take side in defending 
the undefendable as soon as he goes out his country...

As many of our brief discussion is "highly" OT he also told me many are "going 
north" to avoid serving overseas but he refused to clarify what he's meaning 
about overseas... but he smile... 


Too bad AMSAT-NA ANS was again trailing on this one "AGAIN" but here it is... 
and you will have some matter to discuss in May too.

Ham-astronaut to be league's honored guest at ARRL EXPO 2007 in Dayton
Reprinted from The ARRL Letter, Vol 26, No 13 (Mar 30, 2007)
NASA Space shuttle veteran and International Space Station Expedition 12
commander Bill McArthur, KC5ACR, will be the League's guest at Dayton
Hamvention <http://www.hamvention.org> 2007 in May. Hamvention takes place
this year Friday through Sunday, May 18-20, at Hara Arena near Dayton, Ohio.
The first astronaut to work all states from space, McArthur has been
applauded for inspiring others through his ham radio activities from NA1SS.
He'll be featured speaker during a closed ARRL reception Thursday, May 17,
and will be on hand all day Friday, May 18, to greet and talk with visitors
to ARRL EXPO 2007 at Hamvention <http://www.arrl.org/announce/nc/2007/>.
ARRL also anticipates that McArthur will be able to lead an Amateur Radio on
the International Space Station (ARISS) forum at Dayton Hamvention for
first-day visitors. 

"A "Fidel" AMSAT observer."

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
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