[amsat-bb] Re: FM on VO-52 or others

Edward Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Mon Apr 23 23:37:09 PDT 2007

At 06:03 PM 4/23/2007, Patrick Green wrote:
>With FO-29 having trouble, I'm sure that SSB will pickup on this bird.  I
>wonder why the lack of popularity?  I thought everyone liked Mode B.
>73 de Pat --- KA9SCF.
>Amsat #35741

Good question.  I'm guessing that what folks are saying when they say 
the like mode-B is they like the Heo orbiting mode-B satellite.  The 
Heo provides a bigger footprint for DX and the high orbit exhibits 
slower changing Doppler and long passes.  Just a guess.

I have been reluctant to get on AO-52 mainly from the high angle and 
Doppler rates.  Once my antennas are back up and I have full 
auto-track/tuning that might change.  At least auto-tracking would 
make QSO's less stressful.  Satellite operation is my "fun" mode; for 
a technical challenge I do eme and mw.

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