[amsat-bb] Re: VO-52, Linear transponders and FM

Prathap Kumar vu2pop at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 20:49:01 PDT 2007

Hi All
Been reading all your views on Hamsat.
Mission management board informs us that Hamsat is in very good health and
its one the sats that has drawn least attention with regard to house 
We have received many mails asking if FM can be used on Hamsat, though I am
regular on  SSB and CW mainly working some DX , while I do hear the qrm from
FM sigs nearby.
Only a couple of us have the SSB CW gear here and I agree that in most parts
of the world SSB gear is scarce while FM radios are popular worldover.
As in this region we want to promote Sat operation we have not discouraged
some the beginners who want to try the satellite operation with their simple
vhf / uhf handys. We have not enforced a strict NO to FM here as we want get
them into the Sat working and slowly encourage them to move on to SSB / CW.
We have recieved numerous mails from all over the world expressing their
satisfaction and excitement of working the Hamsat as it is now one of the
most easily workable LEO.

We have been having regular meetings with MMB and the Hamsat is in good
health completing 2 years in a few days.
News proposals have been planned for the Hamsat 2 and we welcome proposals
from other sat operators , designers, amsat.orgs.,   etc sent to
info at amsat.in

Thank you all for the support to Hamsat.
Best 73
Secy Amsat India regd

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