[amsat-bb] CAPE and VO-52 [Fwd: Re: CW telemetry]

Jonathan Wagner jonathan at jonathanwagner.net
Mon Apr 23 19:29:29 PDT 2007

I thought this would interest the list considering the recent 
conversation on VO-52 and FM vs. SSB modes.  After CAPE-1 disappeared 
for a couple days, it decided to make it's re-debut on VO-52's 
transponder.  They just happened to be in view as CAPE-1 came out of 
eclipse and decided to wake up again.

Jonathan Wagner, KE5FSG

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Hi Jussi,
That sounds interesting :-)
CAPE1 - one of the cubesats just launched April 17th transmit
at 435.245 MHz with CW (HEX data).
We have not heard it since April 18th ?
I just checked and they can "see" one another.
73 OZ1MY
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Sent: Monday, April 23, 2007 6:33 PM
Subject: CW telemetry

> Lo Graham and Ib!
> Was just listening at VO-52 (23rd April 1620z).
> At 145.900 I could hear for about 1 minute cw telemetry. It was of the
> that FO-series satellites uses (FO-20, FO-29).
> I was too amazed to write it down except for a short period which said:
> 055FF00000
> Is there any satellite that sends cw telemetry on VO-52's uplink (435.250
> plus minus doppler)?
> Or has some satellite broken down and started sending on wrong freq? Or
> VO-52 started sending cw telemetry?
> cheers, Jussi OH5LK

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