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Mon Apr 23 13:01:31 PDT 2007

Congratulations Jonathan and the CAPE 1 team
I see an initial report on W0KRPs site suggests that the satellite is  
running on solar panel power alone as there is no battery current shown in  
If that's correct: My congratulations to the designer of the EPS who has  
found the solution to that age old AMSAT problem of not killing the satellite  
when the batteries fail
But my commiserations on the batteries.
David  G0MRF
In a message dated 23/04/2007 19:13:29 GMT Standard Time,  
jonathan at jonathanwagner.net writes:

Mike and  the rest of the list,

CAPE-1 almost perfectly tracks with Object  31129.  AOS on the last pass 
was 30secs. after predicted and LOS  10-20 secs. before predicted.  
Frequency was nominal.  There is  a building that is directly in the line 
of sight when on the AOS horizon  which affects the lower 1 or 2 degrees 
elevation (The building is a  3-story building and we have a 20 ft tower 
on top of a 2 story  building.  Frequency was nominal and rotor and 
frequency control were  left to the radio.  Signal strength was S7 on a 4 
degree  pass.

Jonathan Wagner, KE5FSG


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