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Mike Rupprecht mail at mike-rupprecht.de
Mon Apr 23 12:54:38 PDT 2007


wow, very strong signal!!!

AOS 1930 
LOS 1942
Keps for 21120 matches perfect

K5usl 2 ff ff e1 e0 e1 e1 df 02 ff
K5usl 3 1c 00 00 04 3f 00
K5usl 1 9d 00 e0 de 00 0a 00 61
K5usl 2 ff ff f3 ed f5 f8 e5 00 fd

Did anybody decode the 9k6 part of the beacon?
I switched to FM mode during this part and the DCE LED lit but could not see
any data.

73, Mike

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Mike and the rest of the list,

CAPE-1 almost perfectly tracks with Object 31129.  AOS on the last pass 
was 30secs. after predicted and LOS 10-20 secs. before predicted.  
Frequency was nominal.  There is a building that is directly in the line 
of sight when on the AOS horizon which affects the lower 1 or 2 degrees 
elevation (The building is a 3-story building and we have a 20 ft tower 
on top of a 2 story building.  Frequency was nominal and rotor and 
frequency control were left to the radio.  Signal strength was S7 on a 4 
degree pass.

Jonathan Wagner, KE5FSG

Mike Rupprecht wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> could you tell us the used Keps (Object) ?
> Thank, Mike
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> Betreff: [amsat-bb] CAPE's Back
> Hi all,
> CAPE-1's back and loud.  Just had an excellent pass over CAPE ground 
> station with strong signal (operating remotely, so no definite signal 
> reading).  Copied at least 4 or 5 CW beacons and fixing to go back and 
> decode.  Will update on status after packet decode.
> Jonathan Wagner, KE5FSG
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