[amsat-bb] Libertad decoded again on 2nd pass

Rob Hardenberg PE1ITR rob at itr-datanet.com
Sat Apr 21 16:04:33 PDT 2007


Libertad-1 decoded again. 2 times in one pass. I found that libertad is about 5KHz lower then
expected. This confirms the observation of Mike DK3WN.
Using NORAD #31129

!S 22:50:05 !5K3L>5K3USA,BEACON/1 :A00O23C23I23P22R-1_LIBERTAD_1COL_B:65_AA
!S 23:00:09 !5K3L>5K3USA,BEACON/1 :A00O25C24I24P21R-6_LIBERTAD_1COL_B:65_AA
!S 23:00:11 !5K3L>5K3USA,BEACON/1 :A00O25C24I24P21R-6_LIBERTAD_1COL_B:65_AA
!S 23:00:13 !5K3L>5K3USA,BEACON/1 :A00O25C24I24P21R-6_LIBERTAD_1COL_B:65_AA
!S 23:00:15 !5K3L>5K3USA,BEACON/1 :A00O25C24I24P21R-6_LIBERTAD_1COL_B:65_AA

73 Rob PE1ITR

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