[amsat-bb] FO-29 off

DeYoung James deyoung_james at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 15:31:09 PDT 2007


The FO-29 (V/U) transponder was off between 21:27 to
21:43 UTC 2007 April 20 when monitored from FM18.  The
70-cm beacon was not heard no seen on an audio
time-frequency spectrum.

I captured telemetry yesterday 2007 Apr. 19 at around
20:30 UTC for a few minutes and nothing seems
out-of-the-ordinary in the values.  The analog TX
power has fluctuated the last few months between about
250-mw to about 1000-mw.  The other telemetry seems
mostly flat and at reasonable values.

73, KG4QWC

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